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August 3, 2013
The night Kenneth Lane found out he had won $1 million playing Powerball turned into a very early morning as he waited for the official numbers to be posted online. The Memphis winner checked his winning numbers immediately following the drawing by watching the television broadcast, he then had his mother read each number aloud, one-by-one. However, he wanted to be 100 percent sure—thus the wait until the numbers were officially posted on websites.

“I made a pot of coffee, sat down and just waited to see the numbers posted to be sure,” said Kenneth Lane, who is a Memphis native and currently unemployed. “I had to convince my mother, so she waited up with me. And now, we still can’t believe it!”

Lane, who purchased the lucky ticket at Quince Mini Mart, 4586 Quince Road, in Memphis, collected his prize today at the Lottery’s Nashville headquarters. Other than paying debt, he says he isn’t sure what he will do with the prize.

Lane won by correctly matching five white ball numbers after the drawing held Wednesday, July 24. The current jackpot, which is won by correctly matching all six numbers drawn, is $235 million for Wednesday.

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