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Mega Millions
Mega Millions Results
Draw Date: 03/27/2015 PAID: $15 MM
17 - 21 - 36 - 58 - 70 » 3
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CA-SuperLotto Plus
SuperLotto Plus Results
Draw Date: 03/28/2015 PAID: $20 MM
07 - 09 - 24 - 29 - 41 » 27
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CA-Daily 3 Midday
Daily 3 Mid-Day Results
Draw Date: 03/31/2015
4 - 0 - 3
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CA-Fantasy Five
Fantasy 5 Results
Draw Date: 03/31/2015 PAID: $0.274 MM
03 - 14 - 17 - 21 - 37
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CA-Daily 3 Evening
Daily 3 Results
Draw Date: 03/31/2015
5 - 9 - 6
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Daily 4
Daily 4 Results
Draw Date: 03/31/2015
7 - 0 - 8 - 5
Past Draws
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CA-Daily Derby
Daily Derby Results
Draw Date: 03/31/2015 PAID: $0.108 MM
1st - 6 Whirl Win - 2nd - 5 California Classic - 3rd - 4 Big Ben » 1
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Million Dollar Lottery Win in Sonoma Valley
California - 03/27/2015
California’s Sonoma Valley has so much to offer. READ MORE

Man Finds Out He's a Millionaire While Buying Valentine's Surprise for Wife in Fresno County
California - 02/27/2015
Bill Deluca is a man who lives by the old adage, “Happy wife, happy life.” READ MORE

Dream Comes True as $534,000 San Diego Powerball Winner Comes Forward
California - 01/30/2015
Keomarit Sengsavang is a self-proclaimed “super-mega-power lottery player.” READ MORE

Lucky Powerball Ticket Sold in Orange County Wins $1 Million Prize
California - 12/20/2014
While many of us are busy counting down how many shopping days are left until the big day next week – whoever bought California’s only million dollar-winning ticket from last night’s Powerball draw suddenly has much more purchasing power READ MORE

Duarte Mega Millions Tickets Worth $604,000 Claimed!
California - 11/14/2014
It was a very happy Halloween for J Guadalupe Ramirez. That’s because he purchased a Mega Millions ticket that matched five numbers in that night’s drawing READ MORE

Big Money Won Overnight in North Hollywood!
California - 10/17/2014
If you happened to purchase a Mega Millions ticket in North Hollywood, you should definitely find that paper right away and check it. READ MORE

$185,373 Fantasy 5 Ticket Sold in Humboldt County
California - 09/21/2014
What a fantastic way to start the weekend for the owner of the only ticket that matched all five numbers from last night’s Fantasy 5 drawing! READ MORE

Mom Fulfills Child’s Wish with Lottery Win in LA County
California - 08/22/2014
It’s been tugging at Ruth Cendejas’ heart for some time. She’s the mother of two young children. Her son has said many times how he wishes their family could live in a house. READ MORE

Fantasy 5 Ticket Worth $291,000 Sold in Castaic!
California - 07/30/2014
The streak of Fantasy 5 wins continues in Los Angeles County! READ MORE

Best Father’s Day Ever for One Tehama County Man
California - 06/20/2014
As far as Father’s Days go, it would be hard for any dad out there to top the day Joshua Jefferson just had. READ MORE

El Monte Player Wins $750,000 Crossword Payday at Lucky Store
California - 05/30/2014
Mario Bermejo has great taste! That’s why this discerning California Lottery player decided to stop at SK Donuts & Ice Cream READ MORE

La Mesa Player Wins $3.25 Million On Newest Scratchers Game!
California - 05/02/2014
Kevin Boson has a method to playing California Lottery Scratchers tickets. “I go to all different stores when I buy tickets,” the retired truck driver told the California Lottery. READ MORE

Lottery Winners’ Donation Transforms L.A. County Neighborhood Baseball Field!
California - 04/11/2014
“This will be one of my proudest achievements.” April Fernando is talking about the simple winning move she made that is having a dramatic impact on young kids throughout her community. READ MORE

$2.1 Million Powerball Ticket sold in Hayward
California - 03/21/2014
A Hayward Powerball player can now add the word “Millionaire” to his or her title. READ MORE

Security Guard Becomes First CA Black Exclusive Scratchers Millionaire
California - 02/27/2014
Mitchel Reynolds is a dedicated employee. Earlier this week, he was working the graveyard shift as a security guard at an area shopping mall when he scratched his California Lottery Black Exclusive Scratchers ticket. READ MORE

‘What Are These Bozos Happy About?!’ Nearly $1 Million Win in L.A. County Draws Look of Puzzlement
California - 02/08/2014
The gas gauge in Carlos Cardenas’ vehicle was not looking good. You know the expression riding on fumes? READ MORE

Winning Fantasy 5 Ticket Sold in Riverside County Worth $185,000!
California - 01/10/2014
The year is starting off right for one lucky Fantasy 5 player in Riverside County. READ MORE

Fantasy 5 Ticket Worth Over $375,000 is Still Unclaimed
California - 11/29/2013
On October 25th, a very lucky Fantasy 5 ticket that sold in San Diego County matched all five numbers to win the top prize of $379,925! READ MORE

Lady Luck Strikes San Diego County Yet Again!
California - 11/16/2013
This is getting a little bit hard to believe – but it sure is a blast keeping track and spreading the news to San Diegans! READ MORE

Mariposa County Road Worker Gets “Life” and is Happy About it
California - 10/06/2013
Kirk Perrien is an avid Lottery player who knows how to play all the games. He and his co-workers at the Mariposa County Road Department love to play Scratchers® and do it almost every day they work. In fact, when Perrien uncovered the word, “LIFE” on the California Lucky for Life Scratchers ticket, he knew right away he had to call his colleague who he had worked with every day for the past five years. READ MORE

Two Huge Lottery Wins in LA County
California - 09/17/2013
Los Angeles County came up a huge winner in last night’s drawings. The biggest win includes a POWERBALL ticket that matched five numbers and is now worth over $2 million to whoever has it. READ MORE

Retiree is “Lucky for Life”
California - 09/02/2013
Joyce Ballard plays the Lottery regularly, but says she usually only wins around $10 on a single ticket. Well, all that quickly changed recently as the retired state worker purchased a $1 Lucky for Life Scratchers ticket that turned out to be worth $650,000! READ MORE

Birthday Wish Comes True for California Lottery Player
California - 08/24/2013
Enoc Monterola was having a pretty good start to his birthday after winning $15 on a Scratchers ticket. His excitement quickly turned into disbelief after he scanned his second ticket and learned that it was actually worth $250,000! Needless to say, Monterola will probably never ever forget his 45th birthday. READ MORE

Fresno Grandfather Scratches Himself a Fortune
California - 08/03/2013
Probably not many people would let a piece of paper worth nearly three quarters of a million dollars sit around the house for almost two weeks. However, John Nieblas said he needed more than one set of eyes to help convince him that this wasn’t all just a big dream! READ MORE

Riverside County MEGA Millions Ticket Worth More Than $481,000!
California - 07/24/2013
There is big Lottery news out of Riverside County this morning. A MEGA Millions ticket sold at a gas station in Norco matched five out of six numbers in last night’s draw and is now worth $481,220 to whoever has it. READ MORE

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